Year after year, annual price adaptations pose significant challenges for companies. In order to support you in successfully executing your price adaptation, we are hosting a free webinar on November 5th and November 19th.

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The (annual) price increase is a substantial profit lever. Nevertheless, during our projects we often experience that this measure is often neither properly planned nor is the calculation executed in a differentiated manner. Finally, the actual implementation of the price increase into the market does not live up to the expectations.

Companies and deciders thus are continuously missing the opportunity to increase their profitability in a sustainable and differentiated way.

Challenges of a successful price increase

The actual net targets of the price increase are often communicated far too late and with little differentiation. It is essential to systematically obtain market input and expertise at an early stage as part of a systematic price adaptation process.

In practice, price increases are often implemented in a very undifferentiated manner (e.g. same increase throughout the portfolio) – distortions of the entire price system and lack of acceptance in the market are the result. A market-related/differentiated approach (e.g. by product groups) allows the adjusted prices to be implemented in an optimal way. Many customer-specific net prices also complicate the implementation, as there is no list price available as a reference.

A pragmatic framework to ensure international coordination

Due to their network of international subsidiaries, many companies have a challenge, both in planning and in the company-wide coordination of the measure. Here, a pragmatic framework must be established to coordinate the price adjustment internationally.

Ultimately, sales must implement the planned price increases in the market .

This requires not only a  fine-tuned concept, but also diligent preparation and support and controlling tools. Otherwise the price increase will fizzle out on the market without the expected effect.

Utilizing the years of cross-industry project experience in pricing and in particular systematic price adjustment we want to provide you with tangible support.

Webinar optimizes your price increases

For this purpose, we offer you a free webinar in which we will show how you can use the "annual price increase" systematically and sustainably to increase your profitability.

The following questions will be answered in our 60-minute live webinar:

  • How are price adjustments prepared systematically?
  • How can price adjustments be optimally implemented? (e.g. differentiation according to product groups, dealing with list and net prices)?
  • How can the price increase be systematically enforced in the market and what tools / preparation does the sales department need?

Each participant has the opportunity to submit individual questions in advance or to discuss them directly in the webinar.

Does that sound interesting?

Please sign up here.

If you have any questions before or after the webinar, please feel free to contact Michael Fechner (Associate Partner) at any time. You can reach him by telephone on +49 176-133 27 118 or by Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.



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