The road to digital transformation: Digital & Data consulting

Digital transformation offers companies many opportunities for revenue growth and maximization. By developing digital business models and channels, you can retain old customers and attract new ones. Thanks to our many years of digital consulting expertise, we are the right partner for you when it comes to digitalization.

Data and digitalization: challenge and opportunity for companies

The data available in companies is growing exponentially. In e-commerce and social media, nothing happens anymore that doesn’t leave data and thus information behind. At the same time, the amount of internal data is also increasing. Every customer transaction, every customer discount and every customer contact is recorded or could be recorded.
However, as soon as you start to take a serious look at the opportunities offered by the data, you realize that the quality of the data is nowhere near sufficient to allow direct analysis. Once the next step is data cleansing, the next hurdle is imminent: the classic analysis tools are no longer sufficient for such a volume of data. This can only be done with modern BI tools or with the help of artificial intelligence. However, this step still poses a major challenge for most companies, as both the experience and the staff resources are lacking.

Only with the right approach and good data management can the data obtained be used meaningfully for the corporate strategy. Roll & Pastuch will be happy to advise you on all topics relating to digital, revenue-based profit improvement.
Together with you, we generate transparency and translate the know-how gained into processes and actions by combining data, technology and creativity with our consulting expertise.

Central connecting points for digital and data

Data Analytics

Turning data into knowledge is the goal of data analytics. The applications are diverse and range from the calculation of simple KPIs to the creation of dashboards and complicated machine learning approaches. We help to develop optimal monitoring and analysis strategies in order to draw the right conclusions.

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Dashboards & KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you measure the success or failure of your business. Summarized in dashboards, you can quickly access the key figures and make decisions based on them. It is important for us that all KPIs are firmly linked to processes so that the numbers also lead to actions.

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Geschäftsmann Analyse Graph

Pricing software for spare parts: nueprice

When it comes to pricing tens of thousands or more spare parts with different pricing logics, software solutions offer companies useful support to optimally exploit the earnings potential lying dormant in the service business. One smart software solution is called nueprice. We would be happy to examine the possible applications of the software for your company.

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Artificial intelligence

We encounter artificial intelligence (AI) every day – often without our knowledge. AI can also be used in marketing, sales and pricing to automate everyday processes and make data-based decisions. We make AI tangible for you and name concrete application possibilities of forecasting, simulation and decision models.

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CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Today, companies must be able to meet the specific requirements of their customers individually with the help of configurable, complex products. To achieve this, we support you in digitizing your pricing and sales processes using Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. In this way, you can secure decisive competitive advantages.

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Digital transformation for more revenue – we’ll be happy to advise you

Many companies are on the path to digitizing their operations. But they are still struggling, because large-scale change is difficult and digitization is more than just mastering technologies.

We would be happy to accompany you in your steps towards digitization, advise you on any questions you may have and are available for further information at any time.