Considering the range of different industries, sales relevant processes are profoundly different and involve large parts of the whole organization. They include activities in internal and external sales, but also in product management, production, IT, and logistics. Optimization covers all process steps, starting from market and demand analysis, to the handover of customer management from sales, to the after-sales organization.


What all industries have in common is that a systematic analysis of activities and the optimization of processes can lead to more sales success as well as lower costs. For a review and audit of the existing processes we have a wide range of tools and methods at our disposal; for example, activity analysis, sales, and customer interviews or won/lost order analyses.

Fields of action

The focus of wholesale and retail industries is often on standardized routines, for instance check-out processes or handling of inbound calls in call centers. In the case of external sales in B2B organizations, analysis of time usage is of special importance. Do sales representatives have sufficient time resources for the acquisition of new customers and new projects? Or are they busy with managing already sold projects? These and similar questions are crucial for the optimization of sales processes.

An important lever for increasing process efficiency is to unburden external sales from tasks that are related to order and project management. This requires clearly defined roles for all sales functions.

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