Successful sales start with answering the following question: "Which products and services should be sold at which markets using which sales channels?" Therefore, the main focus is on the prioritization of markets and sales channels.


In the first step markets are segmented based on industry specific objective criteria. In doing this, both internal and market-related dimensions should be considered. Most important is the analysis of the accessible, relevant market potential. Then, segments derived from the analysis are prioritized. In this context, the question "Which market should not be addressed?" is often harder to answer than identifying the core markets. But only conscious focus can prevent the sales organization from losing track.


After market prioritization, the specific sales strategy is developed for the selected segments. This includes the definition of sales channels: Are all products marketed by a classically organized sales force? What is the role of electronic sales channels? Are all products and services sold via all kinds of selected sales channels?

Another element of the sales strategy is to determine differentiated target margins for the market segments. This allows better exploitation of existing market potentials.

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