One of the main tasks of any company, and especially of sales, is the enforcement of defined prices. Active price management can only lead to measurable earnings increases if prices are enforced in the market.


Basically, all a company's sales staff need to be motivated and empowered to enforce the defined prices. Clear rules therefore need to be laid down regarding the granting of discounts. In order to create the correct financial incentives for staff, price enforcement should be an integral part of the individual variable remuneration of the relevant staff. Various tools can quickly and measurably help to achieve improved results:

  • Argumentation lines
  • Elevator story
  • Individualized customer screening
  • Reworking the incentive systems


Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants lays the foundations for successful price enforcement in the market. Using vivid analyses, we clearly identify where price enforcement can be optimized. Together with our customers' product experts, we develop argumentation lines that support sales staff with price negotiations, and enable them to factually justify higher prices. By means of analysis, our consultants also help you to optimize your incentive systems, system design and implementation.


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