Against the background of cost pressure, budget constraints and growing and increasingly diverse marketing opportunities (social media, web 3.0, online platforms), the effectiveness of marketing initiatives is viewed with increasingly critical scrutiny. It is therefore important to allocate the marketing budget to the various channels as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the same time, it is crucial to be able to measure the profit contribution of marketing in order to be able to control marketing initiatives in the most targeted way possible. The key questions are:

  • How can marketing success be determined?
  • What is the profit contribution of marketing?
  • What should the marketing budget be and how should it be systematically allocated to channels and customer touchpoints?


Together with the client, Roll & Pastuch develops the catalysts for optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing initiatives:

  • Analysis of input (budget, resources, etc.), output (trade fairs, advertisements, etc.) and profit contribution (quality and number of leads, etc.)
  • Optimization of marketing processes: how can we improve the lead process? How can we improve cooperation between marketing, sales and product management?
  • Measuring the return on marketing investment based on selected KPIs
  • Summary and alignment of data (CRM, internal and external market research)
  • Development of a systematic smart budgeting approach
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