Marketing planning has to meet ever-increasing demands. A permanent 360° focus ensures a multi-customer approach and multi-channel operation. In addition, increasingly complex budget allocation requires a comprehensive marketing planning toolbox.


In future, marketing planning will need a new methodological approach, characterized by consistent customer focus. This approach focuses on the "customer first" principle and ensures that all initiatives are consistently aligned with customer potential. This also requires an adaptation of the planning and budgeting process. Additionally, integrated planning, controlling and monitoring allow continuous KPI-based impact assessment.


Marketing planning requires an approach which is based on corporate and marketing objectives. This ranges from the planning and budgeting of marketing activities and marketing controlling, to the organization of decision-making processes in day-to-day business.

With a comprehensive marketing planning toolbox a new, more targeted approach can be implemented, which includes the following aspects:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Touchpoint map
  • KPI toolbox
  • Budgeting model
  • Marketing plan
  • Performance matrix
  • Planning process
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