A touchpoint is a point of contact between a company and a consumer. The key aspects are which contact points do customers actually perceive, and what relevance do they have for the buying decision.


Nowadays, there is a growing number of possible touchpoints in both B2B and B2C businesses, ranging from mobile apps to traditional outlets. However, many companies do not follow an integrated approach for optimizing the individual touchpoints.


With optimized customer touchpoint management, the effective contact points can be identified and optimally aligned with the customer segments. Specific experiences at the various touchpoints which stand out from those of the competition are just as important as special services that create enthusiasm among customers. A specific approach for improved customer touchpoint management is a systematic, multi-step process:

  • Recording the "contact point landscape" by surveying internal experts
  • Customer survey to record the perception, buying relevance and satisfaction of each contact point
  • Gaining additional information about target groups' consumer behavior
  • Definition of relevant dimensions for all touchpoints and focus on relevant target group segments
  • Developing a concept  for the optimal allocation of the contact point budget
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