Customer orientation means that recording and meeting customers' requirements is at the forefront of all corporate functions. This requires a clear internal and external information base. It is therefore important that internal KPIs and external market research data are aligned.

In practice, it is often found that market research is not undertaken regularly and is not aligned with internal KPIs. The transparency required to really align the company with customers' requirements is therefore lacking.

The aim of customer-oriented management is to align external customer data from market research with internal KPIs, and to develop a performance measurement system which facilitates market-oriented corporate management.


As a first step, there must be a common understanding of the objectives. In customer satisfaction studies, for example, certain categories can be defined, such as product and service quality, reliability, brand, etc. The subsequent development of KPIs should include both internal and external viewpoints.


Together with our clients, we develop a concept for a global approach which facilitates continuous controlling and monitoring. The focus of our consultancy work specifically includes:

  • Standardization of internal and external KPIs
  • Selection and prioritization of customer feedback channels
  • Development and preparation of questionnaires
  • Development of a KPI-based early warning system for continuous controlling and monitoring
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