As a business consultancy, we can most certainly always be found where our customers need us – usually at your site.

Furthermore, we currently provide consultancy services from five locations:

Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Osnabruck and Zurich

With Berlin our team gains a presence in the German capital. The office in the Lichterfelde villa colony is characterized by its proximity to the botanical garden and its impressive surroundings. The best: From now, the next R&P contact point is also not far for customers from eastern Germany.

Our Cologne office is situated in the picturesque historic estate ‚Gut Maarhausen‘ and offers an ideal working environment. The location is also excellent due to the proximity to both the important Rhine-Main and the Ruhr area. The international Cologne-Bonn airport is less than a five minute drive away.

In Munich, our team works in a first-class environment, thereby offering an excellent combination of an attractive and efficient working atmosphere. For customers in the south of Germany, the office provides even shorter and more direct ways of contacting us.

In Osnabruck, the proximity to Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences offers the best opportunities for putting the latest scientific knowledge into practice, in collaboration with Prof Dr Oliver Roll's "Price management and international marketing" chairmanship.

With around 700,000 companies, the Canton of Zurich provides an ideal location for Prof. Roll & Pastuch - Management Consultants. The region's high standard of living speaks for itself. With its office on Bahnhofstrasse, R&P also has an attractive central location, offering excellent access.

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