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University graduates/postgraduates

You should be fluent in English and have an outstanding university degree. The actual field of study is less important. The actual university is also not our main concern. We prefer to recruit the best student from a smaller university than an average candidate from a prestigious university.

Your analytical skills should also be outstanding. Our customers' complex tasks require a rapid understanding of unfamiliar circumstances, a structured logic, and the ability to work with customers to find a solution. For us, solutions do not only rely on our gut instincts, but also on hard, quantitative analyses. You should therefore have a good understanding of numbers and mathematics, and be able to work reliably with analytical tools such as Excel.

On a personal level, we expect "emotional intelligence". Consultancy is a people business. You will work with a large number of people in a very short time. You must therefore continually adapt to new situations and challenges. An enjoyment of continually working with new people is an important requirement for being a successful consultant.

Experienced professionals

You will usually automatically meet the criteria of university graduates. We will also take a closer look at your previous experience, and your abilities to maintain customer contact and build new customer relationships. As an experienced professional, we would very quickly like to give you managerial responsibilities. The more experience and potential you have, the better.

Do you currently work for another pricing consultancy?
Perfect. Welcome.

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